The term “Caliban” is a blanket term to offspring born to the divine races, that are nonetheless corrupted by the nascent power of the Fallen Titans. Reviled & feared, they replace Half-Orcs, Dragonborn, & Tieflings in the scarred lands setting. Caliban births are on the rise, with no known cause as Calibans are universally sterile. Depending on the Titan taint, they have various stats.

Kadum, Golthagga, & Denev effectively create Half Orcs

Chern, Mesos, Golthain, & Mormo effectively create Tieflings (Though Resistance & Spell Damage is often Different).

Thulkas, Lethene, Hrinnruk & Gaurak effectively create Dragonborn (Again, element varies)

The deformities of these unfortunates, as well as any resistances or spell effects reflects the Titan taint that created them.