"The Father of Fire, The Iron God"

Lore: One of the most elemental of the Titans, Thulkas was described as a towering mountain of molten Iron literally rooted in the earth of Scarn. The intense heat of Thulkas could raze whole regions just by his passing. Given to sporadic bursts of rage, Thulkas was greatly feared, his strength as limitless as the planet itself.

Fate: Thulkas was often known to say his great strength flowed from the core of Scarn, & was therefore limitless. Therein lay the key to his defeat. Assaulted by Tanil, Thulkas laughed as her arrows burned to ash long before striking his iron body. Pursuing the Huntress, he was led into a cunning ambush. Seized from behind by his own son Vangal, the mighty God wrestled his Father down over the concealed Forge of Golthagga hidden nearby. Then shining Corean brought forth his hammer, & proceeded to beat the molten iron form of Thulkas into a new shape. Creating a great arrow, Tanil set her sight on the sun, & used the Hunter's Bow to send the Iron Titan there. It is thought that Thulkas resides on the sun still, filling it with his endless, burning fury.