Note:Just as Chern empowers Disease, the sundering of Mormo empowers Poison. Any attempt to negate or cure a Poison requires a caster check, & only one such attempt may be made per invoked Deity.

Market Price: May vary with demand, but average cost is determined by rarity as follows;
Common: Up to 50, Uncommon: Up to 500, Rare: Up to 1000 Gp, Very Rare: 1500+GP

Note: Unless otherwise noted, a successful save results in half damage & avoids any other effects.

Angel's Kiss – Type: Ingested DC: 16 – Rarity: Very Rare – Signs: Slight weariness for duration
Effects: The poison persists in the system for 24 hours. It only takes effect 10 minutes after the victim falls asleep. They become Paralyzed. An hour after that, they begin Suffocating.

Assassin's Blood – Type: Ingested DC: 14 – Rarity: Common – Signs: Dry mouth -
Effects: This mineral powder requires the victim to fail 10 saves within a month. After failing the 10th save, they are reduced to “0” Hit Points.

Black Hour Poison – Type: Injury DC: 20 - Rarity: Very Rare – Signs: Crawling sensation under skin Effects: The target becomes Poisoned, & can feel the poison creeping through their veins. Exactly 1 hour later, they are reduced to “0” Hit Points.

Black Lotus Pollen – Type: Inhaled DC: 20 -Rarity: Very Rare - Signs: Blue stains on lips & mouth – Effects: The victim is Poisoned. While Poisoned, they are Paralyzed & Suffocating. On a successful save, victims find their throat & lungs partially paralyzed, remaining Poisoned for 1 minute.

Burnt Othur Fumes – Type: Inhaled DC: 13 - Rarity: Rare – Signs: Foul odor, like burnt hair -
Effects: The victim suffers 3d6 Poison damage, & must repeat the Save on their turn; they take 1d6 Poison damage every turn until they accumulate 3 successes.

Cockatrice Venom – Type: Injury DC: 22 – Rarity: Legendary – Signs: Spasms even after death – Effects: The victim suffers 7d6 Poison damage & becomes Poisoned. They take 3d6 Poison damage at the beginning of their turn. This continues till death occurs; there are no more Saving Throws. A victim killed will continue to spasm up to a week later. Attempts to Raise or Animate the corpse do not require Material Components during this period.

Crone's Bile - Type: Injury DC: 16, - Rarity: Rare – Signs: Weakness, brittle bones Effects: A target that fails the Save becomes Poisoned in one hour. While Poisoned, they have Vulnerability to Bludgeoning damage. Each Long Rest they may make a new save, ending this effect on a success.

Crypt Bane – Type: Contact DC: 16 – Rarity: Rare – Signs: None -
Effects: This poison consists of a specially treated spore & only effects dead flesh. A living target struck suffers 1d4 Acid Damage as the spores eat hair & nails. A corpse (or Undead) suffers 3d6 Acid damage upon being struck, & must make a save on their turn or suffer 1d6 Acid damage, ending this effect when they gain 3 successes.

Doppel Fruit – Type: Ingested DC: 17 – Rarity: Rare - Signs: Special: Mimics other fruit -
Effects: Doppel Plants have the unusual feature of mimicking the appearance of other fruit bearing plants in their proximity. The fruit is decidedly fatal, with victims first becoming Poisoned an hour after eating the fruit. While Poisoned, they are Unconscious & begin suffocating.

Essence of Shadow -– Type: Injury/Ingested DC: 15 Rarity:Legendary - Signs: Coma -
Effects: Distilled from the Plane of Shadow, this poison deals 8d6 Poison damage. If reduced to “0” the target is rendered Unconscious but stable. No effect can heal the damage or awaken the victim, only the one who crafted the poison can do so as an Action within 5ft. If the Poison Maker is killed, the victim wakes naturally after completing a Long Rest.

Golden Lotus – Type: Ingested DC: 18 – Rarity: Rare – Signs: Violent convulsions, hemorrhaging -
Effects: Any creature eating both the pollen & the stigma of this flower is subject to it's effects. The pollen stays active in the system for 24 hours. Neither portion registers as Poison by itself. Victims are Poisoned & Stunned, suffering 3d6 Poison Damage every round until dead.

Gorgon Fish – Type: Injury DC: 14 – Rarity: Rare – Signs: Petrification -
Effects: The spines of this sucker fish induce rapid Petrification. A victim is Restrained, & after failing 3 saves is Petrified. 3 Successful saves end the effect.

Jelly Venom – Type: Contact DC: 14 – Rarity: Uncommon - Signs: Pain, Paralysis -
Effects: Collected from Blood Sea Jellyfish, a victim is Poisoned for 1 hour. If they fail the Save by 5 or more they are also Paralyzed.

Malice – Type: Inhaled DC: 15 Rarity: Uncommon - Signs: None -
Effects: A victim is Poisoned for 1 hour. While poisoned, they are Blinded.

Midnight Tears – Type: Ingested - Rarity: Rare – Signs: None -
Effects: The victim suffers 9d6 damage at exactly Midnight after taking this poison.

Oil of Taggit – Type: Contact DC: 13 - Rarity: Uncommon - Signs: None -
Effects: The victim is Poisoned for 24 hours. While poisoned, it is Unconscious. It wakes if it takes damage.

Pale Tincture – Type: Ingested DC: 16 – Rarity: Rare - Signs: None -
Effects: The victim suffers 1d6 Poison damage & becomes Poisoned. The victim repeats the saving throw every 24 hours, taking 1d6 Poison damage every time. The victim cannot recover Hit Points lost to the poison during this time. 3 successful saves ends this effect.

Crown Naga Venom – Type: Injury DC: 19 – Rarity:Very Rare - Signs: None -
Effects:The victim suffers 12d6 Poison damage.

Red-Stripe Musk – Type: Contact DC: 14 – Rarity: Uncommon – Signs: Burns, awful stench -
Effects: A victim suffers 2d8 Acid damage & is Poisoned for 2d4 days or until cleaned with strong alcohol. Anyone within 10 ft must make the Save, becoming Poisoned while they remain in range. Stealth is impossible while Poisoned in this manner.

Serpent Berry – Type: Ingested DC 12 - Rarity: Common – Signs: Confusion -
Effects: A victim eating this berry will always travel straight to the heart of the Hornsaw forest, even if they belive they are headed elsewhere. Lasts for 24 hours.

Serpent Venom – Type: Injury: 10+ Rarity: Common – Signs: Swelling, Pain -
Effects:Most common snake venom deals 3d6 Poison damage. Individual snakes may vary.

Skin Away – Type: Ingested DC:20 Rarity: Rare - Signs: Citrus Flavor-
Effects: This poison causes stomach acids to bind within the blood stream & burst in the capillaries approximately 1 hour after a failed Save. Upon onset, the victim suffers 1d4 Acid Damage every round for the first minute, increasing to 1d6 per round for another minute. Each additional dose they received increases duration for another minute. If they ever fell below half maximum Hit Points during this time, they suffer Vulnerability to ALL damage until receiving a Regenerate or Heal spell.

Silver Fern Oil – Type: Ingested DC: 10 – Rarity: Common – Signs: None
Effects: 1d12 Poison Damage, Poisoned for 24 hours

Spire Shell Venom – Type: Injury DC: 15 – Rarity: Uncommon - Signs: None -
Effects: The victim is Poisoned & suffers 1 Exhaustion every round, repeating the Save until 3 successes are gained. All levels of Exhaustion gained in this manner are regained after completing a Long Rest.

Stealer's Russet – Type: Inhaled DC: 15 -Rarity: Rare – Signs: None -
Effects: Oils distilled from this fruit are mixed with perfume or similar, causing the victim to become Poisoned for 8 hours. They are Unconscious while Poisoned, unless they take damage or are shaken awake. Eating the raw Russet provides immunity to this poison for 12 hours.

Terinav Root – Type: Contact DC: 14 – Rarity: Common - Signs: Blistering, tremors -
Effects: This yellow viscous fluid causes 1d12 Poison damage to anyone touching it, victims are Poisoned for 1 minute.

Thulkas Powder – Type: Ingested DC 17 -Rarity: Very Rare – Signs: Tastes like iron
Effects: This poison causes the victims blood to ignite any time it is exposed to air. Every time they take damage, they suffer 1d6 Fire damage every turn for (10 -Con. Modifier Turns). Multiple flaming wounds are cumulative.

Torpor – Type: Ingested DC: 15 - Rarity: Rare - Signs: Slightly oily taste -
Effects: A Victim is Poisoned. While Poisoned, they are Unconscious for 4d6 hours

Truth Serum – Type: Ingested DC: 11 – Rarity: Rare - Signs: Dilated eyes, shortness of breath -
Effects: A victim is unable to tell a lie for 1 hour.

Vithil Seeds – Type: Ingested DC: 13 - Rarity: Uncommon – Signs: Very bitter -
Effects: The victim is Poisoned for 1 hour, while Poisoned they are Incapacitated. Victims lose all memory of 1d4 hours before being Poisoned.

Watery Grave – Type: Injury DC: 14 – Rarity: Rare – Signs: None -
Effects: The victim is Poisoned for 1 minute. While Poisoned, their lungs magically fill with water, & they immediately begin Drowning. They may repeat the Save every Turn, ending it when they gain 3 successes.

Wyvern Poison – Type: Injury DC: 15 – Rarity: Rare – Signs: None -
Effects: Victims suffer 7d6 Poison damage

Yearning – Type: Contact DC: 18 – Rarity: Very Rare – Signs: A sticky ointment
Effects: The victim is Poisoned for 1d6 hours. While Poisoned they are at Disadvantage on Wisdom Saves. They must make a Wisdom Save DC: 16 or take no Action beyond crooning over & handling the item that Yearning was smeared on. They will resist the item being taken from them by any means necessary.