Rare Materials

Rare Materials

Cost: The Market Price is the minimum mark up to produce an item benefiting from the unique properties of the listed material. Availability can still be an issue, prices can be much higher, if available at all.

Adamantine – Location: Mines – Market Price: x15
This dark metal is the strongest substance found on Scarn. Weapons made of Adamntine automatically deal Critical Hits against objects. Armor reinforced with it nullifies the bonus damage of a Critical Hit.

Alicorn – Location: Hornsaw Forest – Market Price: x10
The serrated horns of Hornsaw Unicorns are impossibly hard & sharp. On a Critical Hit, they lower the AC provided by armor by -1 until repaired or healed.

Cold Iron – Location: Mines – Market Price: x2
Iron ore that has never been heated, it can be fashioned into crude weapons. Fey are Vulnerable to Cold Iron weapons, & a length of Cold Iron will dispel an illusion it is thrust into. Cold Iron cannot be enchanted.

Darkwood – Location: Darkwood Forests – Market Price: x5
Also called “Iron Wood,” Darkwood has all the properties of wood yet is harder than steel. An item may be crafted from Darkwood as if it were metal.

Dragon Hide – Location: Dragon's Lair – Market Price: x20
Scale taken from True Dragons can be made into Scale mail or Shields. Both provide Energy Resistance, with type depending on the Dragon harvested.

Fangsfall Ore – Location: Fangs of Gaurak – Market Price: x5
Found in the roots of Gaurak's fallen teeth, Fangsfall Ore can be chipped like a hard stone. Weapons made from Fangsfall Ore deal +1 Necrotic damage.

Gorgon Hide – Location: Hornsaw Forest – Market Price: x5
Crafted from the hides of Lesser Gorgons, Leather or Hide Armor gains a +1 to AC.

Hornsaw Wood – Location: Hornsaw Forest – Market Price: x2
The twisted trees of the Hornsaw lend some of Mormo's power to wands & staves made from them. When used as an Arcane Focus, damaging spells gain +1 die. The wood twists & bends as the spell is cast.

Orichalum - Location: Darakeene – Market Price: x10
Also called “Philosopher's Gold,” this metal efficiently channels & directs arcane energy. Armor lined with Orichalum protects the wearer from Arcane Heat. Magical Weapons incorporating Orichalum allow the wielder to use their Spellcasting Modifer for Attack & Damage rolls.

Mithral – Location: Mines - Market Price: x10
Mithral is a light, flexible, silvery-white metal. Despite this, it is as hard as steel. Weapons made out of Mithral gain the “Light” quality if 1 handed, or lose the Heavy Quality if two handed. Armor made from Mithral is counted as one category lighter for determining encumbrance.

Naga Scale – Location: Hornsaw Forest – Market Price: x5
The fine scales of these beast can be crafted into the equivalent of Studded Leather or Scale Mail. Scale Mail made from Naga Hide does not cause Disadvantage on Stealth checks. While wearing Naga Scale, anytime you roll a die to regain Hit Points, the roll cannot be less than your Con. Modifier.

Serpent Steel – Location: Assathi Territories – Market Price: x5+
Made by Assathi through a secret alchemical process, serpent steel has an appearance similar to copper, yet it is quite strong. Weapons made of serpent steel inflict toxic wounds, forcing a creature injured by them to Save vs Poison (DC: 13) or become Poisoned for 1 minute. The porous, alchemical nature of serpent steel holds & preserves poison applied to the edge: weapons retain Injury poisons until delivering a wound.

Shelzarium - Location: The Blossoming Sea – Market Price: x5
Found in rare pots of coinage dredged up off the coast of Shelzar, Shelzarium is as malleable as copper, yet as hard as steel. Shelzarium sheds a green or purple glow, with the intensity varying with the amount of Shelzarium present.

True Silver – Location: Darakeene – Market Price: x5
Also called “Alchemical Silver,” this metal is refined from silver to match the hardness of other metals. Any creature that would be damaged by silver weapons suffers an extra 1d8 damage from a Truesilver weapon.