"The Mother of Serpents"

Lore: One of the most prolific Titans, Mormo was formless as her sisters Denev & Lethene, only manifesting a body when needed. At those times, a gargantuan form composed of snakes, birds, fish or reptiles would rise from the earth. The poisonous, scaled, feathered things bear the mark of Mormo. While not the first to create sentient beings, Mormo's Assathi were the first race to dominate much of the world, unlocking secrets of nature & magic still unrivaled millenia later.

Fate: With her fanatically loyal Assathi & Gorgons, Mormo's children were the terror of the Divine Races during the war. Formless, Mormo could not easily be brought to battle, so a daring plan was formed. Luring Mormo forces to assault the Broadreach forest, the Gods allowed the Elves of the Broadreach to be routed. With such a glorious victory dedicated to her name, Mormo manifested to accept the worship of her children. That was when the Gods sprang their trap, with Chardun using his powers to bind Mormo into her manifested form. United with his half-sisters Belsameth & Madriel, the children of Mormo & the renagade Titan Denev rent asunder the flesh of Mormo before her spawns unbelieving eyes, transforming the Broadreach into the twisted forest known as the Hornsaw today.