"The Sire of Sorcery"

Lore: Mesos was often said to be the wisest of the Titans, as well as the most powerful. Some theories suggest Mesos was the wellspring from which all arcane magic flowed. In any event, the power of Mesos was without equal, able to unravel the underlying reality of the world with a word & gesture. Mesos is typically depicted as a six-armed humanoid.

Fate: It is said the Divine War was touched off by Mesos or Enkili, perhaps both. The Trickster God had developed a taste for tormenting the Titan, culminating with Enkili bespelling Mesos's favorite cloak to strangle him. Enraged, the Titan cursed the Trickster, cutting him off from his worshipers & Divine power. Suddenly mortal, Enkili fled to the other Gods & made the case; if their parents had such power, they could kill any of them at a whim. The Gods agreed that the Titans must fall. Under the pretense of an apology, the Gods lured Mesos alone to accept the apology, where they & their followers fell on him in ambush. Such was Mesos's power that this onslaught was nearly insufficient, yet ultimately the Gods cut him down, obliterating his essence & scattering it across the Void. So began the Divine War.