"The Dame of Storms"

Lore: Lethene was the Titan of the wind, a formless creature manifesting as monstrous hurricanes & tempests. Such was Lethene's strength, that the first accord of the Titans was to restrain her from annihilating everything they attempted to build. Even so, the storms of Lethene's fury remained fearsome, carving mountains with their power.

Fate: The most difficult of all the Titans to battle, Lethene frequently crushed Divine armies, fleets, & cities leaving the Gods little recourse. How do you catch the Wind? Ultimately, Enkili ferried Tanil across the world, as the Huntress tracked & gathered Lethene's countless strands of form from the winds of the world. Once gathered, these strands were bound into immense pillars hidden at the four corners of Scarn. There Lethene remains trapped to this day, rent asunder & held to earth by the great stones binding her essence.