"The Mountain Shaker, The Father of Monsters"

Lore: The mightiest of all the Titans, great Kadum would appear as a gargantuan, vaguely reptilian beast, or sometimes as a moving mountain. In any form, the thunderous beating of his great heart shook the land. A proud & vainglorious creature, Kadum eagerly crushed anything that might rival his glory. In particular, the Cities built by mortals drew the ire of Kadum, & more than one was crushed as a man might scatter an ant hill. It is said Kadum created the continents of Scarn, dragging them up from the primordial sea.

Fate: As long as Kadum's mighty heart beats, he is invincible. Therein lies the key to his defeat. At least, such was the plan proposed by Belsameth. Appearing to the Mountain Shaker as an identical copy, mimicking his movements, Kadum hesitated in striking down his double, caught by his own vanity. In that moment, Belsameth struck with a dagger carved from the Dark Side of the moon, cutting out his beating heart. Chardun & Vangal rose from the ground, & Kadum surged to yet strike & regain his heart. Yet his tail was caught by a mighty construct, Corean's own Mithral Golem. While his great strength damaged the Golem, it held fast as the Gods bound him to a great stone & Vangal hurled him into the deepest sea. There he lies today, bound, insane with rage, & spewing blood endlessly from the wound where his heart once lay.