"The Hunter"

Lore: While certainly cruel, careless, & forgetful, those that knew Hrinruuk invariably recall him as a charming, pleasant creature. Often taking a man-like shape, the Hunter, like Golthagga, was one of the earliest creatures to employ tools, none more deadly than The Hunter's Bow. Lacking sufficient challenges, Hrinruuk was happy to create them when needed, prolifically spawning monsters for his amusement then forgetting about them later. It is said Hrinruuk created Humans, as a source of ready fodder for his beasts. If so, that plan backfired, as humans readily occupy more of Scarn by the day.

Fate: Hrinruuk initially took the Divine War as a grand game, hiding for a time before ambushing forces for brief, rough battles. It was when Hrinruuk slew Miridun, Goddess of Magic & wife to Hedrada, that matters turned. The entire Divine Army on his tail, Hrinruuk was found by his daughter Tanil, whom he had raped before the war. Swayed by her assurance that she could not bear to see him harmed, Hrinruuk offered to betray the Titans for the Gods, & gave Tanil his Bow to carry to the Gods as a symbol of his allegiance. Taking the artifact, tanil wrested control of it from her father, claiming it for herself. Feeling his bond with the ancient weapon snap, Hrinruuk flew into a panic induced rage, setting upon & nearly killing Hedrada. Fortunately for the Judge, Corean arrived, & with a titanic blow from the newly forged Honor, severed the Hunter's head. This would not be the end of Hrinruuk, however, as his headless body reanimated & wandered off causing more havoc. Tanil located her father's body & tore it into pieces, hiding the severed portions around Scarn.