Healing Potions

The near-miraculous effects of the Laumspur herb (Old Ledean: means literally Lambs Vigor) has been known to various cultures since ancient times. While the raw herb can be eaten with effort, the amount required typically causes nausea & poor digestion in most humanoids. Careful preparation of the herb, first ground fine then filtered in to a tincture tends to provide the best & most palatable effect for non-herbivores.

Identification: Laumspur is a tough, fibrous fern-like plant recognizable for it's broad, dark green fronds. It grows best in sandy, wet soil. Laumspur is typically found in Temperate wetlands, moors, & bogs. It releases spores similar to other ferns to propagate. While it can be found year around, common wisdom suggests the restorative properties of Laumspur are most potent when harvested in the late Spring to early Summer.

Gathering: A character proficient in Knowledge Nature or with Herbalist's Tools may attempt to find Laumspur in the appropriate areas, with a DC dependent on time of year, over harvesting, & similar. Successful foraging results in 1 pound of raw materials.

Potions: After gathering fresh Laumspur, the leaves must be properly rendered with a mortar & pestle until fully crushed. They are then mixed with a strong alcohol to act as a base for the potion. The base must be at least 100 proof (50% alcohol by volume) & left to simmer under low heat. The resulting distillation creates a Healing Potion. For more powerful potions, a greater amount of time & raw materials is required, as seen below.

Raw Laumspur: (1 pound): Recover 1d4+1 hit points. Unless an herbivore, characters must make a Con. Save DC: 10+5 per additional pound consumed) or become Poisoned for 8 hours – Market Value: 5 GP

Minor Healing Potion: (1 pound, moderate quality alcohol): Recover 2d4+2 HP - Preparation Time: 24 hours – Market Value: 50gp

Moderate Healing Potion: (5 pounds, high quality alcohol): Recover 4d4+4 HP – Preparation Time: 72 hours Market Value: 250gp

Greater Healing Potion: (10 pounds, higher quality alcohol): Recover 6d4+6 HP – Preparation Time: 1 week - Market Value: 500gp *also requires Brewer's Kit

Supreme Healing Potion: Greater Healing Potion: (10 pounds, highest quality alcohol): Recover 10d4+10 HP – Preparation Time: 4 weeks - Market Value: 1500gp *also requires Brewer's Kit & Alchemist Kit