"The Pariah Titan"

Lore: Golthain has a singularly peculiar nature for a Titan; known primarily for having been the first to create sentient life (quite possibly the "soul" depending on who you ask), Golthain was known primarily for his empathy & compassion for the living things of the world. Finally wearying of the capricious destruction wrought by his fellows, Golthain attempted to intervene against the rampages of the others, & was hideously punished as a result. Rendered blind & virtually insenate, Golthain would live the rest of his days through the myriad eyes of those creatures his mind touched.

Fate: Wanting nothing to do with his cruel brethren, Golthain was nonetheless persuaded by Mormo to act as a spy for the Titans. His creatures, in particular the Bleak Crows, gathered intelligence for their Lord. As the other Titans fell, the Gods captured Golthain, who was offered the "mercy" of True Death. Of all the Titans, Golthain is the only one thought to be truly dead.