"The Shaper"

Lore: Golthagga was the first being to understand crafts, forging both raw materials, arcane elements, & even flesh & souls into new & strange shapes. Certainly the most artistic of the Titans, Golthagga invested a great deal of power into the Anvil, Hammer, & Forge which would become almost synonymous with his legacy. Rarely creating creatures of his own, Golthagga proffered to work with the raw material provided by his kin, ceaselessly forming & re-forming such creatures on his anvil.

Fate: The only Titan slain by a God in single combat, Corean fought Golthagga in his lair, cutting him in half with the newly forged sword "Honor." Seizing The Shaper's Anvil for himself, this artifact would prove pivotal in several battles to come. It is thought Golthagga's split corpse was carried to the opposite ends of Scarn & buried deeply. Among the Church of Chardun, a diffrent tale is told; they say Chardun claimed his Father's body & placed it in a divided chasm, where both halves might struggle to rejoin but remain ever separated. It is there the Overlord meditates on a Titan's endless suffering, & plans future conquests.