"The Devourer"

Lore: An obscene, obese creature, the hunger of Gaurak knew no bounds. Gaurak's fangs scoured all life from entire regions, including the once verdant moon now called Belsameth's Moon. Gaurak is variously described as a grossly fat giant, a wyrm or slug-like creature, or even an acidic cloud of gas. Most creations of Gaurak were promptly eaten, although the great Hounds of Gaurak (Ivory, Obsidian, & Sanguine Hound respectively) as well as the curse of Vampirism & the Dead Tide of Agavir are known to be it's creations.

Fate: Ambushed by Tanil, Gaurak nearly consumed the Huntress, fangs extending to blot out the sky. Tanil escaped the Devourer by driving an arrow into its jaw preventing the maw from closing, then tearing free. Help arrived with Corean seizing Gaurak's arms while Denev rose from the earth to pluck Gaurak's teeth one by one. These plucked fangs fell across Scarn like great mountains, some bursting to devastate whole regions. It is said by scholars that a few still orbit, waiting to crash to earth some apocalyptic day to come. Rendered helpless, Gaurak was buried alive, unable to chew it's way free.