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If you have a sidelined PC who you want to take for a walk, we'll do that here.
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A thriving free town on the edge of the Swamps of Kan-Thet & the Sweltering Plains
19367by FayebornevilFayebornevil
20 Aug 2019 21:16Jump!
The City of Sins
414by BratovitchBratovitch
09 Mar 2019 17:36Jump!
A 50 mile long chasm in the Sweltering Plains. Legends say it was cut by a stray blow from a Divine Axe...
745by BratovitchBratovitch
09 Jul 2019 05:49Jump!
A busy port, once a free city, now in Calastian hands
26by Mr SleepMr Sleep
28 Feb 2019 17:01Jump!
The blasted land beyond the Blood Sea
16by Omen ThistleOmen Thistle
29 Jan 2019 03:48Jump!
The Great Library houses the greatest collection of historical works known to exist,
136by BratovitchBratovitch
24 Feb 2019 05:15Jump!
In the Shadow of the Golem
163by X-marks-the-spotX-marks-the-spot
27 Feb 2019 00:59Jump!
The almost mythical city of the remaining Drendali (Dark Elves). Creeping below the Kelder Mountains
The Free City of Sandoval, off the Thunder Coast
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Locations of interest in Sandoval
89by BratovitchBratovitch
30 Dec 2018 00:13Jump!
The colorful characters & customs of Sandoval
33by BratovitchBratovitch
09 Jan 2019 21:14Jump!
House Mirth
Locations, Resources, & Current Affairs
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35by BratovitchBratovitch
08 Mar 2019 17:45Jump!
11by BratovitchBratovitch
16 Jan 2019 18:55Jump!
22by BratovitchBratovitch
20 Aug 2019 23:14Jump!
Threads that have concluded go here
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16181by BratovitchBratovitch
08 Feb 2019 03:59Jump!
Specific details, notations, NPC rosters & similar
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Forsaken Elf, Archer
818by Omen ThistleOmen Thistle
05 Mar 2019 05:26Jump!
Forsaken Elf, Duelist
1222by BratovitchBratovitch
12 Jun 2019 23:22Jump!
Halfling, Bard, Sparrow, Privateer
47by BratovitchBratovitch
30 Jan 2019 21:22Jump!
Human, Necromancer
1337by BratovitchBratovitch
13 Jun 2019 06:57Jump!
Halfling, Pirate, Sparrow, Criminal Mastermind
610by Mr SleepMr Sleep
03 Mar 2019 17:02Jump!
Human Mutant, Fighter, Crimson Legion
55by BratovitchBratovitch
30 Jan 2019 21:35Jump!
Human, Fighter, Purple Marauder
717by X-marks-the-spotX-marks-the-spot
16 Mar 2019 22:31Jump!
Human Mutant, Blood Sea Pirate
1438by Kain1219Kain1219
17 Apr 2019 02:14Jump!
Human, Cleric of Madriel
1116by Linsinator54 Linsinator54
04 Apr 2019 02:12Jump!
Jungle Gnome, Sorcerer, Underpants Gnome
11by BratovitchBratovitch
30 Jan 2019 22:58Jump!
Human, Fighter, Unfailing
77by Kain1219Kain1219
08 Jul 2019 02:10Jump!
Human, Pirate, Plague Wretch, Wizard
12by BratovitchBratovitch
25 Jan 2019 02:18Jump!
Dwarf, Pirate, Sea Witch, Cleric of Enkili
33by BratovitchBratovitch
30 Jan 2019 21:27Jump!
Caliban, Paladin of Corean
1334by X-marks-the-spotX-marks-the-spot
20 Aug 2019 23:34Jump!
Slytherin Foamer, Mauler Barbarian
1323by BratovitchBratovitch
12 Jun 2019 23:43Jump!
Human Lunatic, Ranger, Veshian Vigil
11by BratovitchBratovitch
24 Dec 2018 22:48Jump!
The world is filled with secrets, some best left unknown.
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A powerful spell, made even more so if you already have some knowledge.
11by BratovitchBratovitch
20 Mar 2019 18:16Jump!
OOC Thread
Non specific banter & questions
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A bit of OOC work for an IC reward
38by BratovitchBratovitch
25 Feb 2019 02:13Jump!

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