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Hope is a fragile thing.

And to dare to hope is a courageous act.

I think Althum would laugh at me if I told him I believed Tahna-Lynn and Abarces were moved by hope… But I think they were.

For I think that I had lost mine some time ago… As I wandered from Hollowfaust to Non, through the swaps of the Slytherine, to Sandoval and the Ukradan, to Lokiel… And home… and back again.

Somewhere along the way I got lost.

I have never feared defeat, but somehow I forgot how to believe that I could actually make things better.

But the Necromancers didn’t.

They traveled to a land that was not their own, to defend a city that despised them…

… And called upon me to remember my faith.

They had hope.

And by that hope that city was saved… By that hope a nation might be risen.

And by that hope, the iron grip of the Black Dragon, and even Chardun himself might yet be weakened.

I should be shamed by the light of their hope shining upon my despair… But I cannot be…

It fills me to the brim, and had I the voice, I would sing!

For the mountains CAN be moved.

And the impossible can be done.

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BratovitchBratovitch 20 Aug 2019 23:14
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The Harp of Building "This massive harp is carved from a metal never before seen on Scarn, resembling a greenish bronze more than anything else. The presence of the Harp confounds lodestones & causes compasses to spin. The strings are composed of silvery mithral, & each note played on them is accompanied by a flash of prismatic light."

Note: Requires Attunement by a Bard. Anyone else attempting Attunement is struck as if by Prismatic Spray(DC: 18). All structures created by the harp have a noticeably Elzan design, regardless of the wielder's wishes. Stone Walls created by the Harp are rose colored with glinting flakes of quartz notable within. The Harp weighs 800lbs.

Spells: The Harp may cast the following spells each once per day.

Stone Shape, Hold Stone, Move Earth, Fabricate, Wall of Stone, & Prismatic Wall

The Harp is also useful with respect to building. Once a week, a wielder may make a DC 18 Perform check, allowing its strings can be strummed so as to produce chords that magically construct buildings, mines, tunnels, ditches, etc. The effect produced in 30 minutes of playing is equal to the work of 100 humans laboring for 3 days. Each hour after the first, a character playing must make a Perform check, with the difficulty increasing by +2. If it fails, she must stop and cannot play the lyre again for this purpose until a week has passed.

Artifacts by BratovitchBratovitch, 20 Aug 2019 23:14

“There is but one more thing that I wish to discuss with you this night, though I expect your answer to take longer. Given no budget restraints, what items would you have for the the Ausirus endeavor?” Her eyes sparkle and she gives a wide predatory smile, showing teeth. Planning this is clearly something more to her taste then petty bureaucracy, and the running of a trading empire.

“Do not answer too quickly but do so before you leave.”

She departs as quickly and suddenly as she arrived, leaping from the window sills into the darkness of the night.

Faziel nods.

“I have been made aware, and plans to deal with the situation are already in motion… Though my absence will slow things.”

The underlings he has engaged to that end are capable, but untested. None the less, his efforts shall be re-doubled, and visible progress will be made by the time Alieth, Jax, and Tarstis return to the city.

“No. The crew must be small. One can keep a secret forever, two for awhile longer, but with every mouth the betrayal, intentional or not, comes closer to inevitable. You must take the minimum you need to complete the task.” As she speaks, her tone changes, from talking of plans that might happen to those that will.

“You would be taking Aerandir, it can make the trip in half the time of any other vessel in our possession. Aleith would indeed be a boon. We have crewed the ship with two, but four is ideal. Perhaps one of the small folks could be added to the crew, as they take little space.”

“You should begin planning with Aleith, she knows the ship and our people. However, your absence brings me to my next point of concern” there is quiet rebuke in the tone of her words.

‘The city has run to lawlessness. Not something I mind as a rule, but if we expect the gentry of Shelzar to come here that must be dealt with. As harbor master I expect you to remedy the situation, or task someone in your absence to do so for you. The city must be free, but also safe.”
The intonation tells you much, subtle annoyance, that she will not speak of this with you again, that she will not accept failure, and that you should do so without bothering her with it further.

Faziel smiles as you speak of binding your kin.


He strokes his mustache, his thumb following and enhancing its curl.

“I could depart immediately, if you wish it.”

He would of course take Jax and Tarstis.

“Your sister too, if she is willing, would be a great asset… As would my former admiral, Leeloo Appleblossom and her compatriots.”

Contacting the halfling admiral would take time and effort, however.

“As for disposal, death need not always be the road to that end.”

The elves in question might be returned to Termana, or given transport other nations far removed. And with Casamir engaged in Shelzar for the duration of their stay, maintaining a secret from him should be simple enough.

Her face contorts in concentration as she stares out into the night, weighing the options. You have become accustomed to the long pauses in conversation which are a staple of talking to either of the twins.

True kin, there are so few of us, and little we want. It could easily be a fools errand to run to Termana. But…. If the pirates can kidnap two suitable, that would be interesting.

“Our time runs short. However, I would rather not use any from Shelzar, that city runs on secrets, intrigue, and blackmail, as much as sex and overindulgence.” You can hear hesitation or caution, though not complete dismissal of this possibility.

She looks to you, “Termana, on the other hand is bold proposal, and much what I was seeking when I took on pirates.” She pauses clearly formulating thoughts as she speaks them aloud. Some of the subtly slips away as she speaks more frankly then you are accustomed to.

“The particulars are important. Our time runs short, and we will act soon.

“If we take this option, Who would you take as crew? I would suggest Spin and Tarstis. They listen to you and know to keep secrets. How quickly could you make the trip? How would you hold them? Drugs? Shackles? Magic?

“You would have to captain, you are familiar with the blood sea, and have proven your abilities to navigate treacherous waters. I could send no one else.”

Another long pause, “Disposal would be more bothersome with kin then half humans” the sadness at the unavoidable loss of life is woven around her words, “and Casimir could never know.”

“I have made some…”

His intonation implies that he has a handful of viable options, but none are perfect copies of you and your sister.

“I have erred on the side of proportion, rather than mirror image.” His examples are doubtless half elven, from Shelzar. The their forms sufficiently similar to your own that make-up, disguise, and perhaps a touch of magic ought to suffice to fool human eyes.

“I have ordered portraits painted, but have otherwise kept my distance.”

The portraits are available for your viewing in the hall at your leisure, but no word of the ultimate ruse has left his lips in acquiring them, and he has had no contact with the individuals in question.

“If none are to your liking, perhaps we might engage a pair of your true kin.”

A longer term, and more harrowing strategy, but a trip to Termana could have numerous additional benefits, including acquisition of the Minhar’s Folly, to be cultivated in the scar.

Her mouth twists up slightly in a bemused smile, she seems pleased with your improving elvish. He learns quickly for human, pity they die so quickly

The smile doesn’t last long, however, she is here on business. She is more focused then usual, and that is saying something.

I have come to ask your progress on the elven girls?

The complicated language you are slowly mastering, implies much with this simple question. Urgency, importance, and that this is one in a string ideas she wants to express. She cocks her head, dark eyes intent, taking in every twitch and change in expression.

"Liniment? A moment."

His boots rap against the wood floor, the rhythm growing faint as he descends the stairs, only to reverse himself, reappearing holding a small jar.

"Apply it liberally to the skin of the offending joints. You may need to use up the entire jar, as it's an old mix. I can teach you the recipe tomorrow as we brew a fresh batch.

"Mind you, it will reduce the pain. Alleviating it entirely will require rare herbs, addictive ingredients, or magic unavailable to me."

He sets the jar between the wine glasses, but does not remove his hand from it for a long moment.

"Had I thought to, I would have given this to you months ago and spared you months worth of pain. After discovering a common trance spell could be used to spare surgery patients the agony of the knife…"

He sighs.

"I wish I knew the right questions to ask.

"Goodnight, Sangus."

Re: Small Businesses by Mr SleepMr Sleep, 14 Aug 2019 20:01

"Anything else? Besides this home, advanced laboratory, & expansive library? A liniment for aching old bones might be nice, if you puzzle out such a thing."

The Alchemist smiles at that, gesturing you off to bed.

Re: Small Businesses by BratovitchBratovitch, 14 Aug 2019 06:33

"As ever, I appreciate your honesty." He grins ruefully. "It wouldn't be the first time one of us declined secrets the other held."

The young man who calls himself the Barber falls silent, staring at his remaining wine as if it a vault hoarding answers.

"There is another question- one which gnaws at the heart of me- but I suspect now is not the time for it. We have mysteries and concerns enough for one evening."

There is a clink as he sets the near full glass back on the table.

"Is there anything I can do for you before I retire?"

Re: Small Businesses by Mr SleepMr Sleep, 10 Aug 2019 22:08

Sangus swirls the wine in his glass, thoughtfully regarding the red liquid.

"You know I am a wanted man, & that the arts I have taught you are proscribed by even the Gods themselves. Yet, I have not extracted oaths from you on their use, even knowing the reputation of the grim people from which you hail. Truly, I am wary of oaths. While meant for the best intentions, there weight can twist ones actions over time. I am of course interested in this lore you have taken from your enemies, & may even be able to offer insight into their methods…but I will need time to consider if a promise is appropriate. For that way lies additional oaths & bargains in the future, & I find such entanglement best avoided."

Sangus takes a sip, then examines the hat, "Fine work. A lovely red as well. I can have your answer by morning."

Re: Small Businesses by BratovitchBratovitch, 10 Aug 2019 15:42

"In the larder by the bacon," he says, waving his wineglass vaguely.

"There is a final topic I wish to broach with you. Some time ago I came into conflict with one of the Gilvid Autel- the murderers in the Hornsaw I warned you about in our very first meeting. He had within his possession a pair of blood rituals. One restores youth to the subject but does not extend their natural life. The other extends the life of the subject by a single day. These are not the most pragmatic of secrets, however, under the right circumstances they can be quite potent.

"Sangus, I've come to trust you. In some ways, I trust you more than anyone else. If you give me you word that you will not share this knowledge with another soul, it is yours."

Re: Small Businesses by Mr SleepMr Sleep, 10 Aug 2019 14:44

"Ah, the smallfolk would be exceptional at the Barbering art, I'm certain! Will need some sort of chair or ramp I imagine, but that should hardly be an obstacle…the blood will be helpful as well. Did you recall to order the tripe?"

Re: Small Businesses by BratovitchBratovitch, 10 Aug 2019 01:20

"I see. Perhaps I can at least give you something to occupy your mind in these long hours."

He drags a bottle off the wrack and picks up a pair of glasses.

"I've made a day introducing myself to a few of our neighbors. It's been enlightening, to say the least. The Rumpchunks will soon begin delivering fresh blood daily, enabling the manufacture of your bloodstones."

He drags a simple rail back chair across from Sangus and sits.

"I suspect they will also provide us with employees. I'm simply too occupied to run the barbershop, and though you're quite skilled, business is often too much for your deft hands to contain. Training a handful of the small folk should ameliorate the issue. However, they will be banned from the basement and the our private chambers on the second floor. I will begin stepping up defenses to both areas.

He sets both glasses on the endtable, pulls the wine cork, and begins pouring.

"We may also begin receiving missives from Madam Goodnight. Nothing sordid. Simply news of the world, and perhaps local gossip. I've promised her certain philters in kind. I shall prepare them and set them in a basket for convenience."

He doffs his blood red hat and sets it next to the equally dark wine.

"And finally, I suspect our local leather-worker has driven himself mad through poisoning." He taps the stiff leather twice with a finger. "I would considerate a favor if you would bend your alchemical skills toward verifying such suspicions."

With that, he scoops up a glass and sips.

Re: Small Businesses by Mr SleepMr Sleep, 09 Aug 2019 19:14

The old man's voice rings out, "Please do."

A single fat yellow candle burns next to a padded chair. The Alchemist was clearly deeply engrossed in a collection of scrolls, bearing the title "A Tracatus Regarding the Curious Nature of the Phenomena Rudely Dubbed "The Blood Monsoon" with a Focus on the Deleterious Effects There of"

"At my age, sleep is rare."

Re: Small Businesses by BratovitchBratovitch, 09 Aug 2019 18:43

It only takes the Barber a few minutes to complete his task, speak final pleasantries, and step once more into the night. All the children are gone from the streets, as are most adults. The occasional drunk stumbles through shadows and a handful of quiet, purposeful figures flit through the alleys. The Barber notes their presence- only a fool thinks themself safe on the streets of Sandoval- but no trouble surfaces this night.

Only once he has returned to his shop and barred the door, does the tension ease from his shoulders. He makes note of the candelit room. "Sangus?" he calls softly. "If you are still awake, I would speak with you."

Re: Small Businesses by Mr SleepMr Sleep, 09 Aug 2019 18:21

Faziel smiles.

“Please do.”

Re: Small Businesses by X-marks-the-spotX-marks-the-spot, 09 Aug 2019 17:26

He accepts the offerings with a murmur of, "You're too kind. If it won't disturb your wife or child, I'll complete measurements and sketches now, so as not to impose upon you at a later date."

Re: Small Businesses by Mr SleepMr Sleep, 09 Aug 2019 17:22
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