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Richard chuckles.

“I think, for once, my senses are not deluded, and indeed I would seek to re-dedicate myself to Corean’s cause, with the new wisdom he has granted me.”

He chews his lip.

“Gold, thanks to Althum, I suddenly have in plenty. So let not the costs of such an endeavor concern you.”

“Of course sir. I have mentioned my recent blessings from my goddess and to aid the blade of curing this world is my mission. But I too have duty to uphold and so the price sadly must be paid in gold. Instead of hearts of the faith ever growing which is much preferred.”
“We shall hallow the smithy for corian and the mother of mercy to forge your destiny to create a new.”
“ but please sir Richard don’t let your valiant righteousness delude your senses”

Re: Corian’s Vengeance by Linsinator54 Linsinator54 , 23 Mar 2019 07:18
Re: New Blood
Mr SleepMr Sleep 23 Mar 2019 05:39
in discussion Side Games / Sandoval » New Blood

"A specific application of alchemy."

Althum pulls back a heavy cloth, revealing a rib-cage that has been meticulously cleaned and polished. The bones are too large to be human. They are set too close together to be a natural configuration. The necromancer hefts the weight and eases it into the tub.

"I have a pair of topics for you today, " he says, releasing his hold on the oversized sternum. "One is essentially etiquette. The other, something you'll find more interesting. Both require strict confidence."

He watches as the last of the bones sink beneath the froth.

"Not that I doubt you," he says, finally turning to the blood mage. I simply thought it wise to mention it upfront."

Re: New Blood by Mr SleepMr Sleep, 23 Mar 2019 05:39

Along the Merchant Souk, through the Commons of Commerce, and passed the walk of the gods, the hunch-backed caliban makes his way heavily to Kellenor’s garden and stall.

“Kellenor, I hope you’ll forgive my intrusion. I’ve known this of you for some time, but have never commented on it… You hear the mark of the Eternal Flame, that represents Corian and Madriel joined in a single purpose.”

He hesitates, and wrings the fingers of his titanic hand.

“You must have, by this point, felt Corian in your heart… And I could use your advice, and your guidance.”

Corian’s Vengeance by X-marks-the-spotX-marks-the-spot, 23 Mar 2019 04:08

Early morning, as most times Tarstis is finally curling up in his hidden cliff side nest…..
But instead after bouncing at the wyvern and tailing a stress relieving night swim he’s waiting at the walk of gods holding the seal Kellenor made for him, thinking the last story he read from Richards gifted children’ Corian tales, wondering how easy life must be for those who find gods…..

Direction and guidance offered as a birthright,
Not to live in fear and hate and distrust of all things,
To be able to know the motives of others by the symbols they wear, and oaths they swear….

“What a bunch of lacy human sailor fluff. They take things and add another layer of complications and somehow that’s civilized?”
“Titan spawn….. it’s as if we’ve just been shat out by or creators, while they were designed with care and even pride by the Gods.”
“Life truly is cruel and unjust, the ignorant fear the ignorant, we hate each other more as they separate ourselves.”
“Damn that book for these pointless thoughts…”

A familiar voice hails through the morning fog somehow right next to him, smiling and serene.
“The morning light has always been my favorite time to contemplate the complexity of life. Good morning to you Tarstis.” Says Kellenor

“Hmmm bout time you showed up”

“ did you have questions about the stories sir Richard gave you?”

“No but we sail soon and Faziel says you’ve been growing herbs for house mirth. Are they ready?”

“Come, I’ll show you.”

They walk back behind where Aleith keeps her young wyverns a ways out to the restoration project Kellenor has completed.

“ unfortunately the laumspur is not quite ready to harvest, within the next month or two though. The moisture of the fog is speeding things up a bit. But feel free to come and watch them grow, nurture is a wonderful way to grow. I was planted into the hands of the gods yes but I had already been disregarded my birth parents. So you see, all paths have variables but sometimes there are footsteps so a stream of water to guide us.”
“Don’t get frustrated with the book, maybe just take them as what they are, stories. The amount of variations out there that claim truth is to be taken with a grain of salt. Your personal development of faith is what will guide if you choose.”

Tarstis looks perturbed
“You presume much. I came to you as a sailor for house mirth. Not begging for mercy from my own existence.”

“Of course……. that amulet you wear, once belonged to a Vigil. Are you familiar with the Great Huntress Tanil?”
“The healing and communication properties are blessed by her. I think she you would find a little more in common with than the laws and oaths of Corian.”
“I will work on some writings for you to read, for after all you should at least know a little of how she slinked through the wilderness preserving it to ever be available to those with less than her.”

Tarstis puts a claw on the skull of Nix in which the amulet sits
“ uh, sure. I did buy it and not killed anyone for it.. I best be getting back to the Captain.”

“It’s no matter, Madriel is ever merciful.”

Re: Yo Ho, Yo Ho!! by Linsinator54 Linsinator54 , 22 Mar 2019 18:04

Faziel raises his glass to you, and drains it.

“As it pleases you, Captain.”

He gives a casual salute.

“The helm is yours, and I shall aid where I can.”

Re: Yo Ho, Yo Ho!! by X-marks-the-spotX-marks-the-spot, 22 Mar 2019 17:58
Re: New Blood
BratovitchBratovitch 22 Mar 2019 16:56
in discussion Side Games / Sandoval » New Blood

"The Bishop of Meliad had some intersting views on Blood Sacrifice," true to form, the Blood Mage carries on previous arcane conversations without pretense or formalities. It would be less disturbing if you didn't suspect many such discussions have been with himself, "After all, while it is a pittance, blood collected from a freshly slaughtered pig has better uses than fertilizer & slop."

Looking up from his book, "Ahhh…taken up Alchemy then? My first passion, that, since I was a boy,"

Re: New Blood by BratovitchBratovitch, 22 Mar 2019 16:56

Casimir stands at the bow…such is his beauty, it would seem that the world was a painted backdrop just for him…

If he wasn't green with seasickness, anyway.

"Yes…ulp…Tarstis. A crew is easily acquired, though a fighting crew is more difficult. As for your folk; I have no contacts there. In fact, arrangements have already been made. Further, while sailing to old Eldura-Tre would indeed be wise, & a market for Elven artifacts has already been identified, we will need something to trade that will stir the ancient blood of the Forsaken, not easily done."

He nearly wretches over the side, but gathers himself with effort.

This short trip will not be wasted though. We will be picking up a cargo of silk from House Wahid & sending it up the Trade Road to Darakeene. Profit will be slim, as we do not have our own caravans & silk houses, but it will keep the coffers flowing for now."

The maiden sail to Shelzar.

Tarstis approaches Casimir for perhaps the first time.
“ uh…… greetings….. the new Captain Jax has some possible requests or ah maybe uh…….”
“Ah a piss off the starboard with the formality , we was thinking when we head to Shelzar. We’d pick up some crew to bring back for Faziel to dig into about the Zathiska or Ankila territories. For there might be some seeds to help grow out there. If house mirth wants to get into that sorta thing. The caliban knight has been working at the forge a while so maybe we can hand over some underground arms for a spy and crewman?”

He almost stands up straight and with a claw combs his whiskers to the side as a dignified pirate with a mustache would….
“Aaaalso I got my own idea here. I have a possession of old high elven gems of personal gain for sure… but if we go to that rival house we’re gonna need a hull and a half to get what we need. So if ya come across better trade for fancy elvish story gems for gaping bags of holding. I’m in on it…”
“Also if ya can find a contact for trade among my kin?”
“I know they are hard to come by but I got an idea to pitch, not to be rushed or anything.”
“Wary the diseased though, they are a deceitful bunch, among the other slytheryn that says a lot.”

Maiden voyage to Shelzar by Linsinator54 Linsinator54 , 22 Mar 2019 16:26

Jax pours himself a half glass of the rum but drains it out n a single draught rather than admiring its flavor…

“Aye I want the boy on my ship if he wants to sign up…” “And aye, some precious herbs might fetch some coin in Shelzar… but probably not too much… And we can’t waste coin on an armory right now, and even then there’s no time to deliver it on this trip…”

“I do like the ideas though, and may put them into practice as we go on…”

Re: Yo Ho, Yo Ho!! by Kain1219Kain1219, 22 Mar 2019 07:09

In the first hours of darkness on the day the Quarry Shark returns to Sandoval. Jax and Tarstis approach the barber shop, and knock… As usual the dutiful Unfailing answers the door.

Jax:”Evenin’ Lester, my first mate here and I were wondering if the Barber and Sangas are in and available”

Lester eyes the pair of them with thinly veiled dislike.

Lester: “Please wait in the foyer, I will inquire within to see if the gentlemen are rendering services at this hour…”

Blood of the Titans by Kain1219Kain1219, 22 Mar 2019 06:36
New Blood
Mr SleepMr Sleep 22 Mar 2019 05:57
in discussion Side Games / Sandoval » New Blood

The Barber fills the measuring glass to the brim with brown powder, slates an iron edge across the lip, knocking excess away, then pours the substance into the coffin-sized trough. Its contents putrefy from clear water to a bubbling yellow slime.

He lifts his head as if hearing something, though there is no noise but the gurgling mess he has concocted. "Thank you for joining me, Sangus," he says without looking away from the churning sludge. "There is something I wish to discuss with you."

New Blood by Mr SleepMr Sleep, 22 Mar 2019 05:57

Faziel raises an eyebrow.

“I was wondering why you brought the boy back with you… You’re keeping him?”

He chuckles, and looks to the boy.

“I should have known that the first thing my old mate would do was steal the best of my crew, heh. Capt. Jax and Tarstis are the best you could hope to join with… Just mind you never give them reason to eat you, cuz they will.”

He winks at the boy, then turns back.

“If you’re going to Shelzar, there’s one other option I might mention…”

He taps his nose at the boy.

“Mind you keep your secrets.”

He turns back.

“There has been suggestion of instigating an uprising in Zathiska and/or Ankila… If such actually came to be, filling your hold with weapons and armors to smuggle in and arm the populace with, could be a somewhat dangerous, but very lucrative endeavor.”

He sips his rum.

“Also, I understand that the priest Kellenor has established an alchemical garden… He probably doesn’t have enough to herbs to fill your hold, but you might see what he’s got… If you’re gonna bother making a trip to Shelzar anyway, you may as well take something.”

Re: Yo Ho, Yo Ho!! by X-marks-the-spotX-marks-the-spot, 22 Mar 2019 03:16

“Ah, yes of course… forgive me old friend, I misunderstood your words… and for for the God’s sake Tarstis only call me Captain in front of our crew. You and I have been through too much for such formalities now.”

Looking to the boy at his side: “Though that doesn’t stand for you though young Bitner, if you wish to serve on my crew, to you I am Captain Jax…”

Re: Yo Ho, Yo Ho!! by Kain1219Kain1219, 22 Mar 2019 02:37

“ of course…… Captain, I thinking we might pick a couple new crew in Shelzar that got some knowings about the areas east of Shelzar for master faziel to get wider knowings for future use of the mirth ship

Re: Yo Ho, Yo Ho!! by Linsinator54 Linsinator54 , 22 Mar 2019 02:26

Looking to Tarstis. “No piracy on this first trip. We need to get a better feel of the ship first and what she’s capable of and we’ll need to make sure our crew is ready before doing even an easy take…”

“Our priorities right now are to gather more crew and get the blood back to Sangas so we can grow stronger.”

To Faziel “You have my thanks for these gifts, I couldn’t have wished for better other than your actual presence on the ship.”

Re: Yo Ho, Yo Ho!! by Kain1219Kain1219, 22 Mar 2019 02:13

Jax takes the babe in one arm and with the other takes a copper coin from his pouch. Showing it to her he makes it dance across his fingers, disappear and reappear, and finally flicking it into the air. When he catches it again, it turns into a small hand mirror that reflects the baby girl’s smiling face back at her. He pushes the mirror into her grasping hands, grinning broadly and saying:

“There ya are little one, a pretty glass for a pretty lass.”

He gives her a delicate kiss on the cheek being careful never to let his teeth get close.

Re: Yo Ho, Yo Ho!! by Kain1219Kain1219, 22 Mar 2019 02:06

“All right lil Fran, off ya go to uncle Jax ya squirmy monster.”

Re: Yo Ho, Yo Ho!! by Linsinator54 Linsinator54 , 22 Mar 2019 01:41

All the while still holding the babe staring excitedly at the map. He his tail so twitchy it knocks into the small table with the rum on it but deftly catching it with his tail and licks the babes face to stop the drool dripping on the map

Re: Yo Ho, Yo Ho!! by Linsinator54 Linsinator54 , 22 Mar 2019 01:39

“ hmmm we did agree to drop Casimir off in Shelzar on our way to pick up some goods from house fin…… haha. Perhaps we get a skeleton crew, to get em some training, pick up a few more in Shelzar with Casimirs help. And maybe the ones we pick up will have some knowings of the territories between there and Calastia?”
“ might be worth it for just a quick first run….”
“Jax and I do have a mission with elves coming up within the month and Jax really should get better before then.”
“You could pick the new recruits apart for knowings and train em up a little while sangus tries to fix jax and improve me?”
“Regardless we leave for Shelzar tomorrow as the singing one requires to leave immediately.”

Re: Yo Ho, Yo Ho!! by Linsinator54 Linsinator54 , 22 Mar 2019 01:35
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