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Thus our latest foray in Shelzar draws closed, with animated rugs, missing Gnomes, & Butter Monks!

Re: Pezwarhi District by BratovitchBratovitch, 16 Jan 2019 08:30

The pleasant atmosphere is broken by a panicked "Faziel", Tarstis pays his tab with a elven crafted sapphire.

Re: Saffron and Tarstis by BratovitchBratovitch, 16 Jan 2019 08:28

Kellinor is made especially welcome to pursue gardening to his hearts content. Nay on the Temple however.

A satisfactory outcome was reached, as Sandoval welcomes a new Barber!

BratovitchBratovitch 16 Jan 2019 08:10
in discussion OOC Thread / Bounties » Journals

Rules: Journals must be about a page, a few brief words will not suffice. Can be internal musings, conversations, observations, projects, training montages or similar.

For each completed Journal, that character will be allotted (1) "Luck" point, as per the Feat. Points last until expended

Journals should be posted in your personal Character thread, not in the main forums

Journals by BratovitchBratovitch, 16 Jan 2019 08:10

Richard chuckles as the stone flips by itself, and takes another sip of his wine.

The sheer magnitude of a single man ruling over the city since its founding had not actually occurred to him until this point.

He shrugs, returning his glass to the table, and refilling it with the bottle.

“In many ways, Althum, you make my arguments for me… But to a slightly different end, I think.”

He places a stone adjacent to one of the Necromancer’s.

“Many would say that laws are only as good as the people who uphold them… But truly, from the purest knight to the keenest merchant, people only really follow laws to the point at which they are protected by them, and benefit from them.”

He sips his wine.

“This might sound overly cynical, but I assure you it isn’t… You see, the reason people allow themselves to be governed by laws at all, is because by and large the laws Do protect them, and the Do benefit them.”

When it is his turn, he places another stone in an offensive position.

“No matter how great the leader, or how long they have ruled, one voice cannot fully define a people. The sheer number of lives you alone saved in Vesh, to say nothing of the accomplishments of the veritable army of other Anatomists who joined the cause, speaks far louder than any injustice I might have perceived.”

He sips his wine.

“Holofaust has justly exiled me from their lands, and I will doubtless never bear witness to that city again… But there is good work that is done there, and good people who live there… Both of them protected and supported by the very same laws and leaders I found conflict with.”

He sits forward, placing his smaller elbow on the table, and folding his greater arm into his lap.

“Althum, you are my friend. Should you need help, you need but say the word, and I shall be at your side… But further… I need not be happy with a leader to defend his people, should they need protecting. If Holofaust needs protecting, I’ll have no thoughts of hesitation in adding my shield to the line.”

When it’s his turn, he places another stone, deep in Althum’s territory.

“Shesh, I believe the term is.”

"Master Casimir, it would behoove me to visit an arcane market while on this visit. Preferably somewhere one could buy or sell items of note, acquire tomes and equipment, and not be beset by murderers or thieves." Althum tips his head as if listening to a distant noise, then nods. "To be frank, I am not skilled at barter and a trusted intermediary would be appreciated. If one could be spared, of course. There is no need for haste. I have assured Sir Richard I will await his return before walking the streets."

Re: Pezwarhi District by Mr SleepMr Sleep, 15 Jan 2019 04:55

"Lydian can sometimes be an imprecise language. If you mean that Amelia's… sentence was not leniant, then I would agree completely. It was not. If you meant that it was not in accord with the letter of Hollowfaust's own laws, then I fear you are very much mistaken. I fear that the Guildmasters'- Three heads of guilds, mind you- sentence was well within the strictures of our laws."

He lets out a long sigh and sets his wine glass at the edge of the small table. "But I'm rambling again, aren't I? Or at least avoiding your main point.

"Yes, you were treated with much greater leniancy than she was. No, that does not seem fair, perhaps even stings of injustice. Yes, I expect whom each of you are, whom you represent, and the very nature of your nations' relation with mine played as much a role as the crimes committed.

"If you're curious how such cruelty could be leveled so easily…"

Althum places a stone, pinning it to the board with a rigid finger, right between Richard's first two. "The rule book called this a Deadman's Play. Watch." He lifts his finger. After half a second the red stone flips to blue. Althum grins. "The board is enchanted."

He leans away form the game, scoops up his wine and drains half the glass. "Can you imagine the cost of such a frivolous thing? All the time and energy making sure the board reacts in the proper way at the proper time, insuring it doesn't flip the wrong pieces. Hells, even gauging the proper timing to insure the stones never pinch a finger or fling too high is work. All that effort for some rich man not to have to turn stones by hand.

"I can't help but wonder what else the expense could have gone to. What greater purpose could such resources have achieved? Maybe a gate erected to detect disease? One that could spare thousands of lives suffering, blindness, or death? Maybe nothing that grand, but a doorway of the same nature? Certainly.

"My people have been locked away in a cave, perfecting magics and growing the power of their city. They have stood against hordes of sutak, gorgons, and vile wizards. Hells, Richard, Demos has led his guild since the city was founded. Power and time and isolation all work as forces on the will. Enough to think enchanting a gaming table is worth the expense. Enough to think of a life as little more than a message to be sent."

Re: Richard and Althum by Mr SleepMr Sleep, 15 Jan 2019 04:45

Richard places another stone, in relative position to his first.


He sips his wine while Althum moves, and fiddles with his next stone, before placing it and continuing.

“It’s not your response I fear… Rather, my thoughts are convoluted, and so somewhat difficult to put to words.”

He inhales deeply, before finally beginning.

“When Amelia wrote her songs coded to provide intellegance to Calastia, she was in conflict with Holofaust’s laws… As was I, when I murdered her in the attempt to save her from what I perceived to be a worse fate.”

When it is his turn again, he places a stone balancing upon one of his forward ones.

“I erect a fortress.”

He sips his wine.

“The justice I recieved at the hands of Holofaust’s court for my crime, was in many ways lenient, but was also evenly in step with the laws as my solicitor explained them to me.”

He stares at his wine for a minute, but doesn’t drink yet.

“The justice Amelia received at the hands of that same court… Was not.”

He takes a heavier pull from his wine, and falls silent for a moment.

“It’s your move, I believe.”

We go to the “true” worship in the shadi district for morning service. And ask for privacy to cast (divination) Richard can come. If not there then go to the grand temple and ask the same
“In darkness you have always shown light, I have a companion of darkness whom all he has known may be in plight. Who seeks to bring this dark society into further night? My care for him is honest as your righteous might”
If Jax is along I will accompany him to see this dwarven smith as well

Re: Pezwarhi District by Linsinator54 Linsinator54 , 14 Jan 2019 22:42

Althum stares at the wine a long minute, places a stone and takes a sip. He rolls the stem of the glass back and forth between his fingers watching the wine swirl and waiting. "Richard," he says after an extended pause, "say what you need to say. You don't need to wait for me to pull it out of you and you don't need to fear me falling to pieces at hearing your thoughts. I'll listen. I promise."

Re: Richard and Althum by Mr SleepMr Sleep, 14 Jan 2019 21:29

Pouring the wine, and taking a collection of the stones, Richard ponders the empty board for a moment before placing his first stone, blue face up.

“Holofaust is a city of laws. And this is very much to its credit.”

Richard chuckles, thankful to put off the topic for a moment.

“I would love a game. I’ve played, but am by no means a master. ‘Gods and Titans’ is more my game. And don’t worry…”

He digs in the folds of his robes, and produces a dark red bottle.

“… I brought wine.”

Althum pauses, hands still on his head. He blinks as Richard's words penetrate. "Huh."

He looks around the lavish quarters, then back to Richard. "Huh.

"Gods above, Richard, that is a topic dropped like a hammer. Very well. Normally, I would insist on wine or ale for such a conversation, but last night's revelries have yet to leave me. Besides, I've been over-reliant on drink to soothe my nerves over the past year. I fear if I keep on I will scar my insides beyond function."

He drops his hands back to the table, rapping one knuckle absently on the wood. "I'm babbling, aren't I? Come here, I have something to show you."

He strides away from the table and steps behind an embroidered screen, folding it back to reveal a set of rail-back chairs and a small, elaborately carved table sitting between them. He opens a drawer and scoops out a handful of flat stones, spilling them onto the tabletop. Each stone has a red face and a blue face. "This is Shesh or Flip. I've never played before, but the rules are simple. If you're game, of course."

Re: Richard and Althum by Mr SleepMr Sleep, 14 Jan 2019 06:47

Althum turns to put both elves in his sight-line. He pauses, clearly unsettled, clearly unsure if he should press on. "It can be done. It will take time and funds, but I can do it."

Again he pauses. Again it is an awkward break. This time, he chooses to wait.

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  • Map of Sandoval - Reward: 1 Bonus Technique - Noira is working on this
  • Ideal/Bond/Flaw write up - Reward: 1 Bonus Technique - Colby is working on it
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Current Bounties by BratovitchBratovitch, 13 Jan 2019 22:06

Years indeed, spies placed, favors sown, informants "silenced"…

Like a spider, you have engineered a conspiracy, each strand invisible from the rest. Now, this very year, the crucible is in place.

This year, the contract for the minting of Shelzari coinage is up for disbursement. This lucrative & prestigious contract has been held by House Asuras for over 40 years…while hardly a complacent man, Old Telos Asuras has little reason to believe it will not be granted again. However the other Merchant Lords of Shelzar tire of his excesses, & his increasingly close ties with the Calastians.

Several close sessions have been held with Merchant Princes & Criminal Cartels alike, & you have made strange allies.

Your Co-Conspirators:

Pauless Finn of House Finn: The Gaurak cult of House Finn has little interest in Calastian interference, & sees a delicious feast in the bones of House Asuras if they were to fall. Lyud of Finn sits on the council.

Hazad Ta'Andi of House Wahid: The only human (?) you might have good cause to fear in Shelzar, you recall the night well when the Fire Sorcerer's Djinn Blood burned hot enough to be seen by all. Despite the attempt on your life by his son, you have cultivated strong relations with House Wahid, who strongly opposes Calastian influence (even supporting rebels in the Hegemony). Hazad himself sits on the council, & is well respected for his Ancient Elzan heritage.

Jalihah Fayoud of House Fayoud: The withered old matriarch of House Fayoud is the firebrand leading the charge to see Asuras unseated. If a voting bloc can be secured to match Asuras, fayoud can win the Minting Contract.

Mazat: The faceless master of the Sa'an criminal cartel has slowly, subtly, weakened the health of Councillor Sayed Abashi over years, & has arranged a highly skilled young courtesan to earn his unrequited lust. When contracted to do so, the young lady will give Old Abashi a night such as he cannot possibly survive, opening a position on the council.

-It is then, that Casimir of Mirth, will apply for the City Council.

With the loss of the contract, & the change in power structure, it is hoped that a sufficient distraction will be gained to penetrate the defenses of Asuras. To that effect, Pauless Finn has promised detailed information on the interior of the Asuras compound as well as it's defenses, though they have not said how they will get such information.

Nearly all the pieces are in place, only a few hurdles remain:

-To qualify for City Council, you require at least 10 acres of Arable Land in the Elzan region. Sandoval is removed from that region & is not sufficient. All of the Fertile Crescent is bought & paid for, & is not for sale (yet).

-The voting bloc is strong, but it could still tie. Swaying more council members would be helpful, or getting High Minister Fratrelli to side with you. Unfortunately, the Minister has long been under the sway of Ayshella, High Priestess of Enkili, who is lobbying for the Calastians.

If these hurdles can be overcome, the opportunity will fall into your grasp at last.

Richard steps in, and takes a seat at the table.

“It’s been a long year, and we haven’t really had the chance to talk about some of the things we’ve been through…”

He pauses for a moment, steeling himself for what seems to be a difficult statement.

“I’d like to talk about Amelia’s trial, and the night I fled Holofaust.”

“Generations is what I expect. Hence my concerns. There has been varitable plague of god botherers about as late. I hate to give them any sign of encouragement. I had hoped mutants, pirates, and Titan spawn would be enough to keep us in peace…… Alas.”

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