Languages (Titan Spawn)

Titanspawn Languages


Spoken by the serpent people of the same name, Asaathi is a rich & venerable language, tracing a history at least as old as Elven if not older. Cryptic in the extreme, it is a very difficult language for non-Asaath to master. The only known variant of this tongue is Gorgon, which mixes decadent Asaathi with Old Ledean, & is primarily spoken in Khirdet & the Hornsaw Forest.


The spoken language of the Pisceans & Merfolk, Marrow consists of a relatively simple vowel structure, primarily click-like “K's” & low “U” sounds. Due to it's simplicity, words in Marrow tend to be quite drawn out when describing complex subjects.

Primordial (* Proficiency in true Primordial costs 2 Languages)

The speech of the Djinn, Elemental Spirits, Fey, & some say the Titans themselves. Known dialects include the Elemental tongues (Auqan, Auran, Ignan & Terran), Sylvan, the language of the Fey & Giants, & a variant impossible for non-aquatic creatures to master spoken by the Kraken of the Blood sea. It is known that Kraken has a written form, though it's alphabet appears to be derived from Dwarrow.


The language of the Minotaur is complex, resonant, & dangerous sounding. Minotaur hieroglyphs are infamously complex, drawing on the Labyrinth pattern these people are known for.


While not technically “Titan Spawn” it is known that these near-mythical creatures had a written language, though no one has ever been able to decipher it. In fact, attempts have occasionally led to the “Babble” plague, somehow scrambling the languages of would-be translators. The origins & secrets of the Slarecians remains a mystery.


The chittering language of the rat-spawn seems to have grown from purely animal vocalizations, scent & posturing, & fever dreams from the creatures sundered creators. Each species of Rat Men has it's own inflections based on it's Titan master.


Disguised in the disturbing, metallic voices of these desert dwelling beasts, you can clearly make out the remnants of Ancient Elzan. Indeed, the writings liberated from Sutak wizards seems to confirm the creation myth of these creatures, suggesting they were once Ukrudan tribesman before being mutated into their current form.