Drugs & Herbs

Rare Herbs & Drugs

Drug Addiction: When exposed to a substance that has an Addiction rating, a character must make a Con. Save, with a DC dependent on the Addiction Rating of the Drug as follows.

Low: DC 10, Medium: DC 15, High: DC 20

On a failed save, the character gains the Addict condition. Some drugs may impart additional penalties while addicted. Advantage on Poison Saves applies to Addiction checks, & Resistance to Poison Damage lowers the DC by -5

Addict: You have Disadvantage on Wisdom & Charisma checks & Saving Throws if you have not satisfied your Addiction within 24 hours. You must make a Wisdom save to avoid partaking of said substance if available. You may make a Constitution Save (DC: equal to Addiction rating of the substance) to end this Condition if you have not taken a dose for 1 month.

Market Price: May vary with demand, but average cost is determined by rarity as follows;
Common: Up to 1 GP, Uncommon: Up to 75 GP, Rare: Up to 750Gp, Very Rare: 1000+GP

Amalthean Milk – Location: Kelder Foothills – Rarity: Very Rare
Effects: A fresh draught of milk from an Amalthean Ewe allows an immediate save vs Disease, restores one level of Exhaustion, & allows the recipient to roll Hit Dice as if they had taken a Long Rest.

Ash Lily – Location: Special – Rarity: Very Rare
Effects: An Ash Lily only grows from a corpse killed by magical fire, & only infrequently at that. Exposure to water kills an Ash Lily instantly. If harvested, an Ash Lily can be ingested. Doing so causes the recipient to suffer 1d6 Fire damage each round for 1 minute (no Save) & become Poisoned unless they make a Con. Save (DC: 18). While suffering this effect, any Fire spell they cast deals maximum damage.

Black Bracket Fungus – Location: Mourning Marshes – Rarity: Common – Addiction: Medium - Duration: 1d4 Hours – Effects: The spores of the Black Bracket Fungus when inhaled are a powerful euphoric, inflicting the Poisoned condition for the duration.

Blood Root – Location: Hornswythe River – Rarity: Common
Effects: Roots from these river reeds builds the blood & restores warmth & vigor, but causes excessive clotting. A dose of Blood Root cures 1 level of Constitution damage & ends any bleeding wounds. Rolls to resist Exhaustion are at Disadvantage for 1 hour after taking Blood Root.

Blood Rum – Location: Blood Sea – Rarity: Common – Addiction: Medium – Duration: 1 Hour
Effects: This alcohol is brewed with sugar cane & blood tainted seawater. Causes intoxication as usual for alcohol, though an Addict may suffer Blood Sea Mutations: roll once a month.

Bluecap Powder – Location: The Spine Forest – Rarity: Rare – Addiction: High- Duration: 1d4 Hours
Effects: This hallucinogenic mushroom expands awareness. The user gains Advantage on Intelligence & Wisdom rolls, & Disadvantage on Charisma & Dexterity rolls for the duration.

Bor's Brew – Location: Dwarven Communities – Rarity: Uncommon
This heady dwarven brew requires a Con. Save after drinking (DC: 16). A failure renders the drinker Unconscious for 1 minute, & Poisoned an hour after that. A successful save instills courage: The drinker gains Advantage on Fear checks for 1 hour.

Dragon's Blood – Location: Special – Rarity: Very Rare – Addiction: High – Duration: 1 Month
Effects: A dose of blood from a True Dragon, after treatment by alchemists, can provide Resistance to an energy type determined by the Dragon the blood was taken from. It also provides Advantage on Strength checks for the duration.

Devil Weed – Location: Devil's March – Rarity: Uncommon – Addiction: Medium – Duration: 10 minutes – Effects: Devil Weed provides Advantage on Strength checks & saves for the duration. A notable flushing is apparent to the recipients face & chest, as well as loud, labored breathing & quickened heart rate. The recipient is at Disadvantage on Stealth checks while affected.

Chuckle Berries – Location: The Dreaming Isle – Rarity: Uncommon – Addiction: Low – Duration: 1 minute – Effects: After eating an entire chuckleberry (about the size of a small apple), the recipient will be inflicted as per Tasha's Hideous Laughter for the duration. A Con. Save (DC: 15) prevents this effect.

Felton's Red – Location: Coastal Blood Sea – Rarity: Uncommon - Addiction: Low – Duration: 12 Hours - Effects: Typically fed to mounts, Feton's Red allows the target to run without tiring at full speed for 12 hours. Exhaustion is gained normally, but the effects are suppressed for the duration. At the end of the effect, exhaustion applies in full, usually causing the heart to explode.

Flesh Stripper Venom – Location: Grasslands throughout Ghelspad – Rarity: Uncommon - Duration: 10 minutes – Effects: A subject injected with Flesh Stripper venom becomes impervious to pain & largely insensitive to sensation: Perception checks are at Disadvantage. The recipient feels no pain & may continue to act while below “0” Hit Points. A failed death save or massive damage causes death as usual.

Folly – Location: The Heartsblood Archipelago – Rarity: Very Rare - Addiction: Medium – Duration: 1 Hour – Effects: While intoxicated, the recipient feels mildly euphoric & experiences mild hallucinations. They may make a Perception check (DC: 10+ Spell level) to identify illusions. They are at Disadvatage on Saves vs any effect involving strong stimuli. Spellcasters using Folly find their Divination spells enhanced: spells ignore any effect that would block or prevent them.

Frenzy Mead – Location: Albadia – Rarity: Uncommon – Addiction: Low – Duration: 1 hour
A draught of this mead grants 1d10 temporary Hit Points & a +1 bonus to a Barbarian's rage damage. You must make a Wisdom Save (DC: 13) or be unable to tell friend from foe for the duration.

Karsian Kafe – Location: Termana, Shelzar – Rarity: Common – Duration: 4 hours
This mild stimulant is quickly gaining popularity in Ghelspad, though some Temples forbid it's consumption. After drinking a cup, you can ignore the effects of 1 level of Exhaustion (not multiple levels) for the duration. The Exhaustion level is not removed.

Hornsaw Sap – Location: The Hornsaw Forest – Rarity: Common – Addiction: Medium
Effects: The sap of the twisted trees of the Hornsaw can be brewed a tea that wards off fatigue. A dose of Hornsaw sap cures 1 level of Exhaustion & inflicts 1d4 Wisdom damage. You can only benefit from 1 infusion in 24 hours.

Ice Thorn – Location: Albadian & Titanhome Mountains – Rarity: Very Rare – Duration: 1 month
This rose seems made ice crystal, & within it's translucent form, it's shimmering sap can be clearly seen moving through the stem, petals, & thorns. Someone pricked by Ice Thorn has the effect of any disease or poison suspended for 1 month. Once gaining this benefit, they may never gain it again.

Julka Weed – Location: Broadreach Basin – Rarity: Common – Addiction: Medium – Duration: 1 Hour - Effects: Smoking Julka weed is both a numbing agent & mild euphoric. Subjects Gain 1d10 Temporary Hit Points for the duration, & are at Disadvantage on Dexterity saving Throws.

Laumspur – Location: Throughout Ghelspad – Rarity: Uncommon
Effects: Laumspur is a required component for Healing Potions. Eating a handful of raw Laumspur shoots will allow you to roll 1 Hit Die, regaining Hit Points accordingly. Note: Healing Potions do not instantly heal wounds; roll the listed dice for the potion, you regain a number of hit points equal to your Con. Modifier (Minimum: 1) each turn until the rolled number is reached.

Luhix Powder – Location: Hornsaw Forest – Rarity: Very Rare – Addiction: High – Duration: 8 Hours Effects: Luhix is typically applied as a poultice bound to a fresh wound. While effected, all Attributes are increased by +2 (Max 20), & the subject ignores the first level of Exhaustion gained while effected. It is not possible to take a Short or Long rest while under the influence of Luhix. At the end of the effect, users make another save or take a Level of Exhaustion, 2 Levels if they fail the save by 5 or more. A Luhix Addict reduces Constitution & Wisdom by 1 each day they fail to take a dose of Luhix.

Oede Herb – Location: The Spine Forest – Rarity: Very Rare
Effects: A dose of Oede Herb will allow for an immediate Save vs any Poison or Disease effecting the recipient. Failure on this save does not add to disease progression. Oede Herb can also cure the Addict condition. A recipient cannot benefit from Oede Herb more than once per 12 hours.

P'Tarri Root – Location: Kelder Foothills – Rarity: Common – Addiction: Low – Duration: 1 Hour
Effects: Smoking P'Tarri root is a relaxing euphoric that grants Advantage on Charisma checks with others who are also smoking P'Tarri Root. Wisdom Checks are at Disadvantage during this time. A recipient smoking P'Tarri root will recover 1 point of Wisdom damage.

Titan's Blood – Location: Special – Rarity: Very Rare – Addiction: High – Duration: Varies
Effects: When diluted by an Alchemist, mortals can benefit from an infusion of Titan's Blood. The effects possible are almost infinite, & defy description here.

Sannish Powder - Location: Ukrudan Desert – Rarity: Uncommon – Addiction: High – Duration: 8 Hours
Effects: A powerful sedative, this drug provides an overpowering pleasure to the user. They suffer the Poisoned condition for the duration. Addicts are easily identified by the blue stained lips. Rolls to resist Sannish Addiction are made at Disadvantage.