"The Plague Father, The Last Great Sickness"

Lore: Chern could take many forms, described as a towering giant with matted braids, a liquescent sludge of pus & foulness, or even a diseased dragon; either way, it was heralded by swarms of devouring insects & followed by plague & death.

Fate: The only Titan defeated by Mortals, Chern was brought down by the combined might of the High Elves of Eldura-Tre after slaying the Elven God. His diseased corpse was collected by Vangal, while Denev tore apart entire mountains to form a seamless stone sphere to inter his body. This tomb of stone was drained of air, & Chern's corpse was left suspended in the airless void in the center. Buried beneath the Flourishing Flats, it was hoped that this would contain him; yet Chern's plagues were powerful, & as evidenced by the state of this locale today, now known as the Mourning Marshes.