The Great General, The Overlord

Divine Rank: The son of Golthagga & Mormo, Chardun is a Greater God

Divine Domains: Domination, Pain, War

Symbols: A crown of thorns, sometimes a scepter indicating the Divine Mandate of rulership

Liturgies: The Strategicon, The Bound Tome, Chronicle of the Overlord

Church: The Church of Chardun is extremely Hierarchical. Every worshiper, from Highest Priest to lowliest Slave, has an assigned place & duty in the Army of Chardun. Common among nobles & military leaders, Chardun worship has spread widely across Scarn, & is arguably the largest organized church. Even so, Chardun is feared, not loved, a fact that rankles the Overlord to no end

Dictates: Chardun demands victory at any cost, stoicism in the face of suffering, & absolute obedience to ones superior. Chardun rarely favors his followers with direct intervention, preferring to delegate such matters as a good General should