The techniques of Cabalism are a combination of the Arcane & Divine theories of magic. In essence, they teach that Names have power, especially the names of the Gods. Anyone can learn Cabalist invocations, provided they are Proficient in both Arcana & Religion.

System: You may use a Bonus Action to add a Cabalist Invocation to a spell you cast that Turn. You may do so a number of times per day equal to your Spell Casting Modifer, regaining uses on a Long Rest.

True Names

You may determine a creatures True name by taking the following steps:

  • You must know it's full birth name
  • You must know exactly when & where it was born
  • You must make an Arcana check DC: 15

After determining a True Name, you may use a Cabalist Invocation to either:

  • Inflict Disadvantage on the Spell saving Throw
  • Cast a single target spell that does not require an attack roll on the target regardless of range

Once you have derived a True Name, you may use it at will.

Divine Invocations

The Gods have many secret names & aspects that can be invoked through Cabalism. To learn a Divine Invocation, you must study holy texts or receive them by servants of the Deity. You do not need to be a follower of the Deity to wield a Divine Invocation, though doing so can garner unwanted attentions.

Each Divine Invocation has different effects:


Invocation of the Purifying Flames: You channel Corean's Purity & Wrath to purge the Unclean. If you augment a spell that deals Fire Damage with this Invocation, increase the Damage Die by one step. Fiends & Undead have Disadvantage on any saving Throws.

Litany of the Smith: Invoking Corean's Aspect as the Master Craftsman, you augment any spell that enhances or produces a weapon (Such as Magic Weapon). The affected spell now persists for the full duration without requiring Concentration or is increased in effective Caster Level by one Slot, as you choose.


Incantation of the Feather: Calling on Madriel in her Angelic Aspect, you can augment any spell that defies gravity or provides flight (Such as Fly). The affected spell now persists for the full duration without requiring Concentration or is increased in effective Caster Level by one Slot, as you choose.

Lightbringer's Invocation: Invoking the Holy Light of Madriel, you may raise the effective Spell Level of a Light Generating Spell by 3 levels, specifically for the purpose of banishing Magical Darkness.


Archer's Invocation: Calling on Tanil in her Huntress aspect, you enhance spells that require Ranged Attack Rolls. The affected spell is rolled with Advantage, & the range is doubled.

Tanil's Song: By invoking Tanil as Guardian of Nature, you may cause any spell that summons or charms Beasts to either be doubled in Duration or increased in Spell Level by 1.


Armor of Hedrada: Invoking Hedrada to steel your mind, the spell you augment with this Invocation cannot be disrupted by Counterspells, & your Conentration on it cannot be broken.

Lawgiver's Invocation: Summoning the aspect of the Judge, you may augment spells that determine Truth. Saving Throws are made with Disadvantage. If a Save would provide Immunity to further questions, it does not in this case.


Name of the Storm: By invoking the secret name of Enkili the sky utters with every stroke of lightning, you may augment spells that deal Lightning or Thunder damage. Damage Dice are increased by 1 step. You may reroll a number of Damage Dice equal to your Spellcasting Modifier, taking the new result.

Trickster's Invocation: By summoning the wiles of the Jester, you can augment spells that disguise you or hide your true intentions. Such magic does not register as such to spells & effects that would detect magic.


Chains of the Dead: Invoking the Overlord as Master of the Undead, you may Augment spells that create or control undead. Spells are either increased in Spell Level by 1 or do not require Concentration as you choose.

Litany of Power: By invoking the name of the Slaver, you can enforce total Obedience. A creature under the Domination of an augmented Enchantment spell will obey any order, even suicidal ones.


Name of the Dark Siren: Uttering the Cabalistic name of Belsameth in her Siren aspect ensures loyalty. Augmenting a spell that would Charm a creature inflicts Disadvantage on the first save. Further, if the initial save is failed, the victim must continue to save every turn even if they accumulate 3 successes, until either the duration expires or they fail 3 saves.

Invocation of the Vulture: By invoking Belsameth in her Vulture-Hag aspect, you may augment spells that deal Necrotic Damage. The damage die is increased by one step. If cast under Belsameth's Moon, any Saving Throws are at Disadvantage.


Apocalypse Invocation: You may invoke Vangal as the End of All Things. A spell augmented in this manner may reroll any damage die that comes up with the maximum value & add it to the total damage. You may only gain 1 extra die per maximum result.

Plague Father: Invoking Vangal as the Son of Chern, you may enhance spells that inflict a Condition on a target. You may choose to inflict Disadvantage on the saving Throw or increase the Spell Level by 1