The Hag-Queen, The Slayer

Divine Rank: The daughter of Mesos & Mormo, Twin to Madriel, Belsameth is a Greater God

Divine Domains: Death, Magic, Moonlight, Trickery

Symbols: The Vulture is sacred to Belsameth. Her symbol is the Moon she claims as her Throne

Liturgy The Black Book of Belsameth, The Gospel of Darkness, The Davitya Scrolls, The Lunar Fragments

Church: The worship of The Slayer is typically a private matter, with open worship consisting of "Witch's Sabbats" conducted away from prying eyes. Only New Venir proclaims Belsameth as a Patron Goddess. Despite her malevolence, Belsameth is much more likely to grant her followers power than most other Gods. Once a year, during the night of Grim Day, Belsameth chooses a gathering of her worshipers & walks among them, driving them mad with Lunacy in the process.

Dictates: Belsameth demands her followers kill their foes, especially Titanspawn & worshippers of her sister Madriel. Her rites involve orgiastic, savage celebrations of lust & madness, inevitably involving blood sacrifices. As Goddess of forbidden knowledge, her faithful are expected to hoard secrets & black magic.