Bane & Garm

The Story of Bane & Garm

This story begins with Bobo Underfoot, a hardworking farmer with a wife & two children. Bobo's family had emigrated from the lost Heternomy of Virduk to the highlands of Ankila. During the wars between Ankila & Calastia, Bobo watched his two children run down by knights of Calastia & Ankila, so intent on their war that they never noticed. Struck unconscious in the melee, Bobo would lose everything upon awakening, the ashes of his life giving birth to the Halfling Shrike code named “Bane.”

The second of our pair was born Kian Thistledown. Growing up in the dire poverty of the Smidgen Slums of Lageni, young Kian would show a passion for the message of the renegade Orzu bordering on fanatical zeal. Inducted as a Sparrow at the age of 14, Kian would work his way up the ranks taking the persona of “Garm” (a Middle Elven word loosely translated to mean “without compassion/mercy”), & gaining admittance to the Swans.

After the fall of Rahoch, Smidgen cells would attempt to contact & enable the local resistance. Betrayed by the Kilharman League, a Sparrow was captured & interrogated by Calastian forces, compromising her cell before dying under torture. Kian was implicated & captured. Other compromised Smidgens were evacuated, but Kian could not be allowed to talk; a Shrike was required to break into the prison, silence Kian, & make example of those who would betray the underground.

Bane entered the compound, slipping past security to the interrogation cells. Securing a position from which to act, he waited for the opportunity to strike. In due time, Kian was brought to the torture chamber, already having suffered gruesomely at the hands of his captors, yet still unwilling to talk. The session commenced, with a number of guards present; clearly expecting trouble. Bane waited, watching as the interrogators did their work.

Under Torture, Kian's body & mind was broken, abruptly going into seizures. During this time, he experienced some kind of vision, writhing & babbling in a tongue unknown to any present. With a fearsome rumble, great roots & vines shattered the flagstones of the room, erupting from the floor in a shocking display of magical power. Seizing the moment, Bane flew into the chaos, slaying those who would escape the strangling roots & collapsing stonework. As the alarm sounded he found Kian in the center of the devastation, apparently shielded by the risen earth itself. Deeming a second battle a poor choice, Bane & Garm fled the ruptured interrogation chamber.

Stowing away on an westbound vessel, Bane & Garm would find themselves in Sandoval. Neither of the grim smallfolk given to talking, only two things were clear: Bane must see Garm beyond Calastian grasp, Garm must go north, as part of his “visions”. These disturbing events would always be presaged with violent seizures, leaving the Swan exhausted. It was apparent that Garm now wielded the full power of a Druid of Denev, with some new mission that fully engrossed his mind. Landing in Sandoval, the two smidgens would seem fortunate; the budding House Mirth was building a trade route north through the wastes, & would need able hands unaffiliated with the previous rulers of Sandoval.

After proving their skills against detractors (an event that left one man dead), the Smidgens would work for Mirth for the better part of a year. More even that the Desert Warriors, the two proved both capable & vengeful, once even pursuing Sutak raiders & slaughtering their entire clan as they slept. Once reaching the Gascar Mountains, they disappeared, never to be seen again.