Alchemical & Specialty Items

All items listed here are created through the use of Alchemist's Tools & the appropriate training & materials.

Alchemist's Fire – As PG
-Elven Fire: As Alchemist's Fire, but can only be extinguished by magic
-Fire Sand: As Alchemist's Fire, but DC 20 to remove
-Venom Fire: As Alchemist's Fire, but includes an Injury Poison

Alchemist's Smoke: Creates a cloud of smoke in a 10ft area, Heavily Obscuring it Lasts for up to 1 minute.
-Assassin's Smoke: As above, but includes an Inhaled Poison

Argent Essence: A sword coated in this oil counts as “Silver” for damage reduction, lasts for 1 hour.

Blood Lacquer: A combination of sea foam, sludge, & the blood of Kadum, Leather or Wicker armor treated with this concoction gains a +1 bonus to AC. Lasts for 1 year.

Dwarf Oil: Taking 1 dose of this substance a day for 1 month will cure the Black Lung disease.

Dispersion Candle: This candle is combined with an ingestion poison. A creature that rewmains within 10ft of the candle for 1 minute or longer is exposed.

Cold Weave: This maidenhair cloth is alchemically treated to keep cool at any temperature. While wearing coldweave, you ignore Arcane Heat & high temperatures. You are disadvantage to resist Cold effects.

Courtesan's Powder: Mixing this powder into a dose of alcohol neutralizes it.

Flake Iron: Painting a blade with distilled waters from the Blood Sea causes it to splinter & fragment. The weapon deals +2 damage, & an untreated wound may suffer Flesh Rot. The weapon has half it's usual hit points & shatters on a natural “1”

Flash Powder: This satchel of powder explodes with light & smoke, Heavily Obscuring a 5ft area for 1 round.

Hag Powder: Distilled from Mormo's Blood, when this powder is added to a poison, it increases the Save DC by +2, & increases the damage die by 1 step if applicable.

Liquid Light: This flask of liquid sheds light to 10ft. If splashed on a target, that target glows for 1 hour.

Plague Mud: Dredged up from the Mourning Marshes, this jar of mud exposes anyone struck to 1d4-1 Diseases.

Steaming Spirits: This blue liquid becomes a steam when the cork is pulled, filling a 10ft area. Can be mixed with inhaled drugs or poison.

Vigilant's Wine: A wine fortified with stimulants, the drinker gains 1d8 temporary Hit Points & grants a+1 to Constitution saves for 1 hour.