Arcane Heat

The casting of Arcane Spells causes an intense heat, sometimes visibly radiating from the caster. Bards, Sorcerers, Warlocks & Wizards all are subject to this effect. As such, most Arcane Casters in the Scarred Lands have "casting clothes," often little more than a loincloth or similar when working their magic. While items such as the Coldweave of Hollowfaust or the Orichalum of Darakeene can circumvent these complications, most are not so fortunate.

Effects: Whenever an Arcane Spell is cast while wearing heavy clothing or light armor, the caster must make a Constitution Save (DC: 10 + Spell Level) or suffer 1 level of Exhaustion. Medium Armor inflicts Disadvantage on the save, & Heavy Armor or equivalent causes the Save to automatically fail. Any time a Caster is subject to Arcane Heat, they gain Resistance to Cold damage for the remainder of that Turn.

Note: Fire Resistance provides Immunity to Arcane Heat. If the caster uses a method to suppress Arcane Heat, they they lose the Cold resistance provided as well.