Drug Addiction: When exposed to a substance that has an Addiction rating, a character must make a Con. Save, with a DC dependent on the Addiction Rating of the Drug as follows.

Low: DC 10, Medium: DC 15, High: DC 20

On a failed save, the character gains the Addict Condition. Some drugs may impart additional penalties while addicted. Advantage on Poison Saves applies to Addiction checks, & Resistance to Poison Damage lowers the DC by -5

New Condition - Addict

You have Disadvantage on Wisdom & Charisma checks & Saving Throws if you have not satisfied your Addiction within 24 hours. You must make a Wisdom save to avoid partaking of said substance if available. You may make a Constitution Save (DC: equal to Addiction rating of the substance) to end this Condition if you have not taken a dose for 1 month.